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Kakul cadet appointed Tiger Force chairman

RAWALPDINDI/KAKUL/ISLAMABAD – Mujahid Ullah, a Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul freshman cadet of 143 Long Course, has been appointed as the chairman of the Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Tiger Force.

The newly appointed Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill on Thursday said that the government has decided to step up the ‘Corona Tigers Relief Force’ with the decision to appoint a PMA cadet to lead it, in order to give enlisted youth volunteers from across the country the leadership and direction needed to help deal with coronavirus relief efforts.

“We have a large youth population in our country which is our asset. Therefore we needed a head figure who is already being trained on how to control assets,” Dr Gill said while addressing the media.

The special advisor to the premier added that although such steps have been taken widely throughout institutions and organisations across the country, there was “no guarantee” that it would prove to be enough in the coming weeks. “The government is currently preparing for the ‘worst-case scenario’” he added.

Dr Gill further confirmed that the first task of the newly appointed Corona Relief Tiger Force would be to finalise the allocation of the ‘Prime Minister’s Corona Fund’.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


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  2. Akhtar Zaman Khattak said:

    A strange brain wave very much expected from IK•
    What experience a gentleman Cadet has?
    Simply it can be concluded that IK is not a statesman and is not capable to run state’s affairs
    The Cadet needs to resign from Army and join the so called Tiger Force .

  3. Muhammad Kaleem Khan said:

    Good Decision, as it requires a leadership from youth. PMA cadet has been trained and always has default leadership qualities to lead such Youth Force. Weldon IK.

  4. Sardar Saqib Baloch said:

    Ye mulk tumhara ha ham haen khwam khah is maen

  5. Razi said:

    Start young and learn how to make dinero in the future. Good training to the cadet

  6. Rizwan Tariq said:

    cherry from the bottom on the top..amazing

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