Insta accounts @shwqt_ali19, @m_ali_jauhar launch Khilafat Movement to restore Halime Sultan | Pakistan Today

Insta accounts @shwqt_ali19, @m_ali_jauhar launch Khilafat Movement to restore Halime Sultan

INSTA SULTANATE – The Khilafat Movement, also known as the Pakistan Muslim Meninist Movement, has been formally launched by Ali brothers, @shwqt_ali19 and @m_ali_jauhar, on Instagram. The Ali brothers are joined in their pan-Islamist protest campaign by other notable Insta leaders @hakajm_jamia and @akazad_4246.

The Khilafat Movement has been launched to restore Halime Sultan, considered a representative of Muslims. The pan-Islamic force, and an effort to salvage the Sultan as a symbol of unity among the Muslim community, has been initiated in the shape of protests against images uploaded on Sultan’s Insta profile.

“Your religion is Islam. You’re free but we are the audience. We hope that we don’t see more images like that. May Allah restore Halima Sultan,” @shwqt_ali19 wrote to Sultan.

“Astaghfirullah! You’re attractive but not in this shot. Always remember that millions of Muslim follow you,” commented @m_ali_jauhar.

The movement has been bolstered by prominent Muslimaat’s noncooperation movement. However, Insta historians expect it to fall apart.

The movement has already been marred by ḥijrat from Instagram India to Pinterest, of about 18,000 Muslim social media accounts, who feel that Instagram is an apostate land. The indifference, nay encouragement, in Turkey over Sultan’s current state, is a major hindrance in the success of the Khilafat Movement.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.