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Ramzan and COVID-19

Written by Marina Pervaiz 

LAHORE: Infinite blessings of God Almighty yet the people are being able to get the basic necessity of food.

Due to the current situation in our country and worldwide, we are not sure about food in any material; COVID-19 has shattered us all and with the daily spread of this virus we are bound to stay hygienic even more than before.

But why do we need some other person to provide us healthy food, why are we not striving for it ourselves; the concerns are countless but the main problem that everybody should have is to get pure food and to eradicate the adulteration mafia from its roots.

Daily wagers are the most affected ones. About 30 per cent of the world’s population suffers from malnutrition, and in the same proportion, people suffer from obesity and overweight, such as disease. However, with the increasing trend of technology and social media, people are becoming more aware of food and the adulterants being included in the food items/products.

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is now becoming a part of people’s daily diet and the demand for such food groups is increasing day by day. People are more conscious about what they eat, how they eat, quantity and quality of the food is tending to be balanced in many people. But there is a lot of awareness yet to be spread and it can only happen if the government or food regulating authorities are involved together for the betterment of the society to bring safe and healthy food to the general public.

Alternate foods should be used to boost immunity such as products, fruits, vegetables etc. including Vitamin C in it. It contains mineral and nutritional treasures and is helpful in preventing many diseases.

Once it comes to the market, the Punjab Food Authority has the power to test its standards and cooking process. Food is the basic necessity of life, though the use of non-standard food gives rise to many diseases which are hazardous to one’s health and causes an additional burden on the economy of the country.

A healthy and healthy society can guarantee the development of the country that is the only thing any person can guarantee these days because of lack of awareness or lack of facilities or even if we call it authorities fault, we need to be taking a stand.

In the previous time, DG PFA sealed and fined many food points and as they are also following the SOP’s it’s a win win.

There are many alternative foods to boost your immune system, only health freaks enjoy green vegetables but nowadays it is a necessity for everyone around us. People can intake the greens in liquid form as well like medicines but not having it at all can be risky because due to the coronavirus we all are at high risk of getting affected.

Apart from greens, there are many other food items such as dark chocolate which is good for your immunity, adding more turmeric in your food and for all the skin lovers it can help you a lot to get rid of many skin problems including those dark circles you got during lockdown period. We can name many food items as there are so many blessings of God to be thankful for. Boost your immunity system to avoid many such diseases and lessen your risk of getting it.

Every person needs to avoid all the risky food items which can cause us bad immunity systems, avoid extra sugar, artificial food items and junk of any kind and mainly avoid all the “khaba shabas” we do every day and night whenever we go out with friends or family while chilling. Homemade food can be not so cool for you but getting diseases such as Corona won’t be cool as well. We are in a time period where we all need to be safe so that our families also stay safe. Corona can be transmitted to your family members or any other person you interact with. We need to avoid it for our own sake and for the people we love and care about the most.

Think about getting healthy food, produce it right in your backyards and stay fit. Every food organization is requested to keep on working to stop the adulteration mafia who still aren’t stopping during this crucial time as well.

In a recent video, I have seen some of the food protectors in Pakistan working day and night to provide us safe food; with milk raids, food check and balance Punjab Food Authority is following all the SOP’s and in a recent update on TV or social media Irfan Memon who is the DG of PFA has instructed its team to keep on working in the fields during the lockdown period as well.

He himself has assured the safety measurements that to be taken by everyone present inside and outside their department.

Thus, food authorities like Punjab Food Authority have assured us that we can eat many food items with vigilantly knowing about the pros and cons.