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‘NAB used for political engineering,’ say Chaudhry sub-engineers

LAHORE – While approaching the Lahore High Court on Wednesday, challenging the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Chaudhry sub-engineers described how political engineering works.

“The chairman of the respondent bureau proceeds to authorise investigation on allegations of misuse of authority, assets beyond means and wilful default under National Accountability Ordinance,” the sub-engineers, who are also cousins, said while talking to The Dependent.

The Chaudhrys highlighted that the establishment of NAB, its credibility, partiality and “use for political engineering” had been a matter of heated debate in engineering and technological circles. Hence, they have chosen to describe the basic structural engineering mechanism for the betterment of the engineering and scientific societies.

“Sometimes they would issue the so-called order for the bifurcation of investigations after a lapse of somewhere like 20 years. What is crucial in this engineering process is that it has to be run by the mala fide intention to contain and cage,” noted the sub-engineers.

“Often, not a single piece of evidence or material is available before the NAB to form an opinion, or to pass an order for authorisation of the investigations,” they added.

The sub-engineers further underlined that for chief engineers engaged in political engineering sub-engineers are of critical importance.

“Yes, the chiefs can’t do sh*t without us subbers.”

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.