TikTok star Ghani Tiger demands justice over father’s murder | Pakistan Today

TikTok star Ghani Tiger demands justice over father’s murder

TikTok star Ghani Tiger on Monday appealed for justice an attack by 11 assailants who shot his father dead and also injured his brother in Sialkot on Sunday.

In a video that is doing the rounds on various social media platforms, Ghani, narrated the ordeal of how men armed with pistols and rods were responsible for murdering his father.

“The attackers also opened fire at his younger brother Dawood Butt. My brother is still in the hospital while my mother is in a state of shock,” he lamented.

Tiger, who has millions of followers and is one of Pakistan’s biggest TikTok stars, pleaded Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to take notice of the incident while crying throughout the video.

“The assailants first hit my father on the head with an iron rod and then shot him in the head,” he said.

The video quickly became a top trend on social media with celebrities and citizens supporting his plea for justice.

“We all used to play together on the streets as children and would quarrel but we would never involve our elders. Before this time, they even tried to attack a paternal uncle,” he claimed in a video interview with television host Waqar Zaka.

In another, in another video shared by SSP Atif Nazir of the Punjab Police, it was said that several of the culprits while the authorities are looking for others.

In the clip, he said that the police helped the family immediately after the incident and three of the perpetrators have been arrested.