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Sindh police at risk of attacks during Ramzan

KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mushtaq Mahar on Monday directed police officers, posted on lockdown duties in the province, to adopt safety measures after reports of outlawed militant outfits planning attacks on law enforcement agencies during Ramzan emerged.

Following the emergence of the report, IG Mahar has issued a letter to the Additional Inspector Generals (AIGs), Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSPs), and Superintendent of Police (SPs) posted across the province, directing them to ensure safety measures.

The letter directs the officials to ensure the ban on pillion riding in letter and spirit as previously such attacks have been carried out by perpetrators riding motorcycles.

The directives further call for police personnel deputed at checkpoints to not be off-guard during Sehri and Iftaar. “At least two cops are to stand vigilant over a group during this time,” it says. In addition to it, senior police brass has been directed to wear bulletproof jackets.

The letter further states that police vehicles should be parked at such a point that a hasty exit can be made in case of an emergency. A cop must be present in the vehicle at all times.

According to the letter, the relevant SSP is to ensure that these directives are adhered to.

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