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Lack of activity pushes ISIS social media team to derive engagement with ‘On This Day’ posts

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – The lack of activity, amidst covid-19 lockdowns across the world, has taken its toll on the social media and marketing teams of the global terror outfit ISIS.

According to sources within the terror group, the social media team is now pursuing an active policy of keeping a chronological list of their terror attacks, and other activities on the calendar, from the past five years and sharing them on their social media accounts with the #OnThisDay hashtag.

“When we can’t report a terror attack or prominent incident on any given day, we use the #OnThisDay hashtag for birthdays of current and former ISIS members. The fact that our bio data is mostly fabricated anyway helps with maintaining the content calendar in these troubled times,” an ISIS social media operator, who goes by the nom de guerre Mujahid al-Traffici, said while talking to The Dependent.

In multiple interviews, ISIS social media operators have underlined the economic certainties surrounding the pandemic. The Dependent has learn that majority of the lower level staff have been forced to take pay cuts of have been laid off completely. “Of course, many among the team have been beheaded as part of the ISIS HR’s downsizing policy. And with everyone knowing how to use social media nowadays these our tough times for those of us who have worked long in the field,” said one of ISIS’s digital strategist Abu Analytics who was part of the

social media team that collectively joined the organisation from Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

There have been growing concerns among the jihad industry over the plummeting quality of social media marketing at ISIS, with clickbaits becoming the norm. Critics have asked the organisation to reinvent itself online and not resort to gimmicks usually deployed by social media teams of lower level jihadist groups.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.