‘Unwell’ Shehbaz Sharif attaches medical report in plea to be ‘made PM quickly’ | Pakistan Today

‘Unwell’ Shehbaz Sharif attaches medical report in plea to be ‘made PM quickly’

LAHORE – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif has attached his medical report in his 24-page plea, requesting that he be “made PM quickly” in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Sharif, who maintains he was asked to come precisely owing to the pandemic itself, however, has asked that he be exempt him from any further scrutiny of credentials until coronavirus lockdown was over.

“I am unwell. I am a cancer survivor and aged 69,” he wrote seeking a quick turnaround at the Prime Minister House citing his doctors’ recommendation who had advised him to become the premier.

“You have already screened me, over the years, several times. Please make me the prime minister quickly. I have low immunity to being in the opposition,” he further wrote, adding that he had responded to all queries regarding his ambitions during his negotiations with the selection panel previously.

The panel, however, has declared the reply of Sharif “unsatisfactory” and summoned him for the third time next month.

The panel also refused to entertain the request of the opposition leader in the National Assembly to let him earn their trust through video link.

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