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‘Maulvis Without Borders’ ranks Pakistan number 1 on mullah freedom index

KARACHI – Maulvis Without Borders (Maulvis Sans Frontieres or MSF) on Tuesday released the 2020 Mullah Freedom Index, indicating that Pakistan jumped four places to reach the first position out of 180 countries.

The top slot, which had remained elusive in the past, despite Pakistan regularly being in the top five over the decades, has finally been won by the country through capitalisation on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, analysts maintain.

According to the MSF, mullah outlets in Pakistan have successfully overcome threats of the withdrawal of adherents. TV channels continue to give airtime to mullahs. Media persons, who were daring to broach subjects deemed off limits by the mullahs, have either stopped daring or stopped being media persons.

Attempting to rein in the traditional mullah, some provincial governments targeted the mullah content. To that end, the government tried to step up “regulations”, by which it clearly means censorship. However, overcoming these minor challenges, the businesses of mullahs continue to flourish.

The MSF stated that Pakistani mullahs, who have a long tradition of being very lively, have become role models for mullahs around the world.

“The influence of rationality has increased dramatically with the advent of internet around the world. There have been many cases of brazen censorship in which the people have used a number of methods for exercising logic. Distribution of irrationality and outdated ideas has been interrupted. However, Pakistan continues to remain a proud stronghold of the mullah,” the MSF added.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.