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Robotic life

We are proceeding through the time where we are experiencing lethargy, exaggeration, damage routines and some are entangled in the predicament comprising terror, stress & panic attacks. No one is interested to find the route causes because we are never interested in living our life. We are society driven nation without the tasks & goals we can’t even live a minute our life basically consists of the orders by the boss or a lot of tasks which are present in our channel, without them we don’t know what to do, The first question arises here “What is the reason behind my existence?”, “Why I am galloping on the same track as other people do?”, “What is happiness? whether I am doing what I want?.

These questions require solitude which gives us the probability to think and perceive the reason behind our robotic life. Humans by instinct are superior to other creatures because of their own ability to think, analyze, observe about their inner self as well as nature which give the absolute productive result later use for their own utilization. We have to develop a sense which distinguishes us from robotic life, secondly, we have to open our eyes and isolate ourselves from the universal machinery to recognize our soul and heal it by the most amazing time gifted by the Almighty.

Danish Malik