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Covid-19: Rural sindh more receptive of social distancing than urban areas

In Tharparkar, Umerkot, Thatta, Sanghar and other areas of interior Sindh people are encouraged to spend maximum time at homes and, in case, they go out of their homes, they need to wear masks and keep a safe distance in daily life activities.

According to the article of Gulf News on Thursday, CEO of Thar Education Alliance (TEA), Partab Rai Shivani said : Most of our initiatives are women-focused and we are working closely with them to make them realise how important it is to maintain social distancing.

In interior areas of sindh, local women cover long distances carrying pitchers on their heads in search of water. “We have asked them to take care that while filling their utensils with water at different water sources they should maintain safe distance,” he said.

TEA team sensitized group of women in Moli Ji Dhani on social distancing and now they are observing it like a book rule. This is how society changes when you educate and sensitize a girl and woman.

An image of women wanting patiently in line to fill their water pitchers while maintaining safe distance is also going viral.

While in urban areas like Rawalpindi and Islamabad people do not care about social distancing. In market places like abpara people are roaming around in groups shaking hands and hugging each other not maintaining even an inch of a distance from others in shops.

While the people of urban areas claim to be more educated and sensible from those of rural areas are still unable to understand the basics of life saving conditions and people of rural areas have memorized it like their lives depended on it. Because it does.

Ishraq Ashraf