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Lockdown and the environment

The country’s lock down by means of government began on 25thMarch for the control of coronavirus. It has a great effect on the environment.

As we all know ,the major cause of environmental pollution is of course the excessive use of automobiles, the roads usually seems jammed and then the release of smoke in air cause a enormous danger to human life but after the lock down system all the private and public transport ( buses, vans and rickshaws) has a huge role on the disturbance of environmental health as it releases smoke. In Pakistan majority of citizens suffer from lung problems due to bad breath, it is certain that the deaths are caused by unhealthy and poisoned air. But nowadays forecasters have seen an enormous change in weather. The air is healthy, clean and refreshing. This freshness gives a healthy life to our citizens.

The level of toxic air has reduced due to the less amount of transport and factories being used while the healthy air is reaching the top.

At the same time , the roads are smoothen up and clean. These roads do not have even a slight touch of garbage or any waste, which is also now a good point. This lock down is actually a good decision for making Pakistan clean and healthy along with getting rid of coronavirus. But it is also up to us how we treat it for the rest of our life. This purity may last until we spread it again.

Rameen Ather