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Economic crises due to coronavirus

The world is going through the worst pandemic as coronavirus is spreading quickly and the best precaution to avoid spreading of this deadly virus is to stay home and avoid social gatherings. Therefore, almost all the countries of the world imposed complete lockdown for the safety of their people. Due to which countries are going into economic crises.

Pakistan may face an initial economic loss of 1.3trillions. This is because of the drastic reduction in services sector, including airline business and others, FBR’s revenue loss, massive decline in imports, exports, reduction in remittances, disruption in food supplies and other fronts. The FBR officials estimated almost 380billions revenue loss during the lockdown till June 2020. But people are still provided their basic needs, private and governments sectors giving the salaries, relief in utility bills and much more. Kindly follow the instructions during this lockdown. Stay at home. Don’t go out unnecessarily. Avoid gatherings with friends at home.

Suman Faheem