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Sindh govt mulls complete lockdown on Friday

–Spread will be uncontrollable if lockdown not extended, says Chinese team

KARACHI: The Sindh government on Wednesday decided to further tighten the currently imposed lockdown and pondered on whether to impose a complete ban on movement this Friday.

The suggestion came in view of increasing traffic in the city during the last few days with more and more people coming out of their homes.

Last Friday, the provincial government had imposed a complete lockdown from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Meanwhile, the Sindh government has also directed the administration to close all main thoroughfares in Karachi and other big cities of the province.

On the other hand, Chief Minister (CM) Murad Ali Shah expressed his displeasure over the rush witnessed at shops and passed orders for ensuring that all sort of movement is curbed, saying he wanted a lockdown like the one that was observed during the first seven days.

While reviewing the situation during a meeting at the CM House which was attended by top cabinet members, Shah appealed to the people to stay indoors.

“The figures are very alarming. If you don’t listen to the government now, it would be too late to save yourselves and your loved ones,” he warned, directing concerned officials to make sure that no one is allowed to move freely without a solid reason.

Agreeing with Shah, the eight-member Chinese team currently in Pakistan has also emphasised that a lockdown was the only solution, suggesting that an extension would be sensible.

They warned that the spread of coronavirus will be uncontrollable if the lockdown wasn’t extended, to which Shah replied that he would consider the suggestion.

Earlier on Tuesday, hospital owners and top doctors had also advocated an extended lockdown, telling the provincial government that the entire health system will collapse with the rise in coronavirus cases.

Separately, Shah in a video message confirmed 54 new coronavirus cases in the province and Dr Abdul Qadir Soomaro was among the 18 people who had lost their lives so far.

Last week, in an interview to a private TV channel, Shah had said that the health system will experience a complete breakdown if the number of coronavirus patients exceeded the 5,000 mark in the province.

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    All mót country when realize the danger of covid19, they suddenly lock down, they should do before more than 1000+ people infected .China will answer about the circumtance of Covid19 , let virus outbreak out side other countries

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