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Pakistan boycotts SAARC meeting led by India

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday refused to participate in the  South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) virtual conference of trade officials, saying such meetings should have been led by the group’s secretariat instead of India.

The meeting of trade officials from eight-member SAARC was convened to discuss the impact of COVID-19 in the region and how the forum could come up with a common strategy.

A statement issued by the Foreign Office (FO) on Wednesday gave a detailed explanation as to why it opted out of the conference.

“Being a founding member, Pakistan believed that SAARC provides an important platform for regional cooperation,” the statement read.

“The role of the secretariat assumes further salience in emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and its wider social and economic fallout,” it said.

The statement said as, in the case of other regional and international organisations, the SAARC secretariat also provides the requisite convening platform, institutional framework and support structure for essential coordination and follow-up.

“Activities such as today’s trade officials’ video conference could only be effective if spearheaded by the SAARC secretariat. Since the secretariat was not part of today’s video conference, Pakistan chose not to participate,” Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui explained.

She said for the SAARC process to move forward, its secretariat must be enabled to play its due role in any event or activity being organised under the SAARC auspices.

“At a time when the region is facing unprecedented challenges, all the available institutional frameworks must be optimally utilised,” she added.


  1. mazharuddin said:

    Not a wise act to boycott SAARC virtual conference as this also would be providing an opportunity to discuss bilateral matters specially the problems of Kashmir and Indian Muslim minority sufferings.

    Pakistan and India must come ahead to settle all disputes enable the human suffering should come to an end. A criminal negligence to overlook long suffering of Indian Muslim minority that leveled to ground in India when no care by both countries of such human suffering since soon after freedom till yet? There need to realize.

    • Mohammed said:

      Pakistan did the right thing not to participate on principle, India is trying to hijack SAARC for it own purpose. As for the suffering of Indian Muslims Pakistan has always stood up for not just Indian but Muslims all over the globe, but Indian Muslims failed to make a stand for Kashmir’i Muslims, they also failed to demand justice for Babri Masjid. When India brought in CAA they sprung into action when their own skin was on the line. The only option for Indian Muslims is to stand up and demand Independence on the global stage and once again split India into two. Indian Muslims are paying for the mistakes of their ancestors they need to wake up for the sake of their coming generation, Pakistan will always support Muslims anywhere in the world in their just cause. Pakistan is more the capable of dealing with Covid 19, but in order to succeed Pakistani’s must heed to government advice, we are a poor nation with a rich citizens and they need to show their philanthropy not as Pakistani’s but as Muslims united under one flag.

  2. SKChadha said:

    ‘Choodyan Waali Aakad’ …… pathetic and unfortunate decision for the common citizenry of Pakistan. 😟

  3. Asma said:

    Standing for indian Muslims but killing pashtuns at home? Training terrorists on pashtuns land and sending them to Afghanistan? The time has come the punjab army staff the selective genocide of pashtuns.

  4. Giri said:

    What a shame. What shameful people. Bringing politics into pandemic fight. Pakistan can not fight virus on her own. 50% population is living in abject poverty. There are no hospitals, ventilators, even masks. Let alone test kits. People have started dying of starvation due to lockdown. And the so called establishment indulging in dirty politics. SAARC will go ahead without Pakistan. Anyway, net contribution of Pakistan is negative (not even zero). We do not need such members into SAARC.

  5. dodol29 said:

    come on guys….which one comes first? Humanity or religion?

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