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Corona’s ferocity 

COVID-19 is one of the curses. The skirmish of the virus is disseminating exponentially day by day. Nowadays, it is the most vulnerable subject that people are discussing repeatedly. The scorching virus has changed the beautiful image of the country. Government imposed a lockdown in the country. Streets have been godforsaken places. Truly, tranquility of the empty cities are consuming inner-scenery and peace. People are stressed to stay at home because it spreads from person to person instantly. In fact, people are cooperating with the government so far. The frontline fighters are such doctors, paramedics, police officers, and army. They are all heroes of the nation. However, few brave people have lost their lives. Among all, one of them  is Waqar Kharal. He is superintendent of police (SP) due to the lockdown he was handling security in Manga village, in Peshawar. In the village, a person died due to Corona-virus. After a few days, he was tested positive for Corona-virus. Additionally, Dr Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan on National Health Services said that during last 24 hours a number of suspected cases was 13,324 out of them 1,600 are confirmed cases including 593 from the Punjab, 502 from Sindh, 192 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 141 from Balochistan, 123 from GB, six from AJK and 43 from the ICT. He said in the backlash of virus 17 people have lost their precious lives and death toll is increasing. In this regard, he reiterated that everyone should help the government and stay at home. Social distance is the only option to protect from the curse. There is no other option.

Naveed Abbas Maitlo