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Trying times

The cases of Coron-virus is increasing rapidly. All countries’ people are stressed to stay home. People have become desperate and compelled to take breath within a narrow boundary. The mounting skirmish of virus has made days restless and nights sleepless of people. Like other countries, Pakistan’s government imposed lockdown at the every corner of the country. Streets have just been godforsaken place. Everyone is confined to live in a certain area.
The most vulnerable people are daily wagers. However, government is doing commendable job to provide food to needy people so far. However, it seems to be improbable to cater every needy person because the country doesn’t have a lot of resources. PM Imran Khan rightly said, “We don’t have a lot of resources. We cannot cater everyone.” A country like Pakistan which is already indulged into many problems including poor education, unresolved issue of poverty, unemployment, and crippling economy, really the country cannot sustain the burden of its own feet. The virus has bought strenuous challenges for the government. It is testing time for every powerful element. In fact, Corona-virus is further melting the economy of country.
According to the assessment by Pasha and Kardar, would be a 4.6% decline in GDP or Rs891 million, while the worst-case scenario could see a contraction of 9.5% or Rs1.6 trillion. The unemployed population, they suggest, will rise by around 3.1 million people on the lower estimate and over five million in the case of the second scenario. This unemployment would be attributable to job losses caused by the economic slowdown and would take quite some time to address. Temporary unemployment would be even higher, as much as 10.5 million people while anywhere from nine million to 15 million people will crop below the poverty lines. Experts estimate that between 12.3 million and 18.5 million people in various sectors may lose their jobs. It is really difficult time for government to face increasing skirmish of the virus. But, it is hoped from the government they will eliminate the curse.

Naveed Abbas Maitlo