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Corona and Thalassemia

On the one hand, Corona is out of control, on the other hand, Lockdown is causing various problems. Among them are innocent children who are suffering from thalassemia and facing severe obstruction in blood supply, these children are appealing for blood from different centers, which is quite a traumatic scene.
In Sindh, thousands of children suffer from thalassemia, which requires blood to save their lives. And the blood donation is stopped because of the lockdown, People were volunteering to donate blood regularly, Blood was collected at various camps. But now because of the lockdown, it’s off the stream. And for this, the government has not been able to make any alternative arrangements, No alternative arrangements have been made, but even the government has not issued any grant to these Thalassemia Centers. Due to which, the staff of the centers have not received salaries for 3 months.
There is also a severe lack of medicines. According to reports, pharmaceutical companies have increased the price of medicines by 50%, And there is no one to ask them. At this point, patients with thalassemia do not reach the centers due to lockdown. Unemployment and poverty have impacted the immune system for patients not getting enough food. There is an increase in infections. Therefore, the Sindh government must mobilize as soon as possible to save the lives of thousands of thalassemia children patients. Grants should be issued to these centers immediately, and notice of the rising cost of medicines.

Aamir Mazhar Shaikh