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Progressive man participating in household chores by taking 25% cut in parathas wife cooks for hi

SOMEWHERE AROUND YOU – A man who believes in gender equality and isn’t afraid to practice what he preaches has been voluntarily participating in household chores during the lockdown.

Ahmed, 39, who self-identifies as progressive, among other heartwarming labels, on Friday announced a 25% cut, throughout the work-from-home period, in the parathas that his wife has to cook for him, so as to give her a hand in the household work.

“Look, I just ask for a pre-breakfast – to warm up my stomach – then a really simple breakfast with three parathas – I usually eat four, but I’m taking a 25% cut during the lockdown,” Ahmed said while addressing a post-breakfast press conference organised by his family to celebrate his progressive ideals.

“I also just had three fried eggs – also a 25% cut – some jam, reheated raat waala saalan, half a naan, tea and then some sliced fruits after the breakfast,” Ahmed added.

“I am a very helping and supportive husband and never burden my wife at all. Like, I totally moved my breakfast utensils right in front of me – five inches to the left on the table,” he said gesturing with his right hand to show how he successfully completed this exemplary task.

“I have always been very supportive of my wife, but even more so given the current lockdown. I just ask for a five-time meal, tea around 12 times, some dry fruits, and around three glasses of milkshake – all constitute significant cuts, because I believe in equality,” he added beaming with pride.

“I always help my wife. Like one time – I think sometime last week, I actually don’t keep a record because that sort of defeats the purpose – I even took my breakfast plates all the way to the kitchen, where she was washing them,” Ahmed concluded, while asking her wife for the 4th of his self-allotted quota of 12 cups of tea.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.