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Outsider emerges as surprise contender for Democratic nomination in US

WASHINGTON – Since winning a majority of delegates in South Carolina on Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden has been anointed the likely Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidential Elections. Last week, however, an unlikely challenger emerged.

Murad Ali Shah, currently the chief minister of Sindh province in Pakistan, has been lauded in the international media. Based on his foresight during the early days of COVID19 spread, he has emerged as a leader of international stature.

According to sources within the Biden camp, Joe Biden had initially toyed with the idea of offering Shah the Vice President position. “But he’s not a black female so that was a hindrance,” clarified an aide in-charge of the Biden election campaign.

Shah has been gathering support among key democratic groups and is expected to announce a run soon.

In what was initially perceived a two-horse race between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders to win 1,991 out of the total of 3,979 delegates, Shah has emerged as a surprising contender.

Many believe that if the Democratic Party wants to topple the reelection bid of US President Donald Trump, Murad Shah might be their best bet.

“Biden is 811 delegates away [from the Democratic nomination], while Sanders is 1,128 away. Shah, technically and mathematically 1,991 delegates away, would need an arithmetic rigging at this point to get the nomination,” said political analyst Andrew Napolitano.

“Which of course shouldn’t be a problem for the Democratic Party,” he added.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.