‘Incompetent’ Imran to failed to utilise health budget, says Marriyum | Pakistan Today

‘Incompetent’ Imran to failed to utilise health budget, says Marriyum

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Information Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb slammed Prime Minister Imran Khan for zero utilisation of the Rs11 billion federal health budget, saying the action exposed Imran’s incapacity, inability and non-seriousness towards public healthcare.

In a statement on Friday, Marriyum said that majority of this Rs11 billion was allocated to the running schemes started by PML-N which Imran could not even complete. She said: “Imran wants to damn the hospitals of Islamabad down the same hellhole where he dumped the hospitals of KPK for the past 7 years.”

The former minister said that this clueless government could not even spend a single penny on the upgradation of the Basic Health Units (BHU) in the federal capital in spite of available resources.

He could not even run the PIMS and Polyclinics of Islamabad or improve and upgrade them, buy the equipment required, she said and added that these hospitals also cater to patients from the surrounding areas of the capital. The patients after experiencing the “revolution” of KPK hospitals also turn to Islamabad, she added.

“For the entire year this government was snoozing and busy doing nothing and all this money will become overdue and delinquent in June which is just one month away. How can Imran explain this utter incompetence and failure. Rs 1 billion allocated for epidemics which is crucial in the times of the current pandemic, was not utilized as well. Had Imran utilized the funds allocated for Central health Establishment, he could have used them for research to fight covid19”, she said.

She said the Rs 6 billion allocated for PIMS could not be utilized for better treatment of patients amid coronavirus outbreak. Imran could not even make use of the money allocated for the pediatric ICU and the state-of-the-art HVAC system.