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Capital’s residents disregard other lives by continuing trail hikes

ISLAMABAD: The residents of the federal capital are continuing to visit trails despite lockdown for containing the pandemic of coronavirus in the country.

Talking to APP, Assistant Director Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) Sakhawat Ali regretted the irresponsible behaviour of residents flouting the restriction to stay at homes for mitigating the risk of an outbreak.

He said: “IWMB staff and Islamabad Capital Territory Police officials are deputed at the entrance of all the Trails. However, the regular and expert hikers are using short routes and alternate passages to venture into the Margalla Hills National Park.”

Though the number was not that big yet it was a threat due to the serious outbreak of coronavirus. The visitors were parking their cars other than the designated places and using hidden routes in the woods, he added.

Sakhawat added that IWMB staff was vigilant and performing its duties despite the lockdown. “IWMB rangers are patrolling in the National Park as it is the season for budding of Kachnar plant or Bauhinia Variegata. Local communities dwelling in the National Park are also moving in the park for plucking of Kachnar flowers.”

He said the staff was barring masses to avoid cutting the bushes of Kachnar plants and plucking its flowers as it was detrimental for the ecology.

He urged people to avoid visiting the National Park for their safety and protection of others to mitigate the risk of Corona virus outbreak.