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Water supply issue?

I write to you to express my concern and worries about the water supply issue and I believe that you will help me in waking up the sleeping officers of Municipal corporation authorities! Our locality is facing drastic undersupply of water. The complication of the issue is quite synthetic. The people of our sector (G13-Islamabad) are facing this problem for many years. I’m not familiar with the thing that why this issue is taking place but people from our locality noticed that the houses with a little higher ramp in front of their houses are facing this problem but the houses on the surface are also facing it. So, people are helpless and they’re being mistreated by the government because the tanker committee is not writing down the complaints of people and if they do, they do it once in two weeks and because of that people have to order the private tanker and they are paying double amount for this.
We requested the Municipal Commissioner to provide a new water facility in our locality but to no avail. The Municipal committees have quite an uninterested attitude towards providing public facilities to people. People have been facing this difficulty for many years now. Through the help of your newspaper I wish to draw the attention of my concerned Ministry and local authorities towards the severity of this trouble. I also request the people to use water sensibly. I hope you will assist me in this cause by publishing my letter in your newspaper.
Izza Eeman