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Pakistan’s battle

The world is in the midst of the worst pandemic covid-19 which is commonly known as Coronavirus. This virus spreads in 176 countries and 225,000 cases have been reported around the including 25,000 deaths. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared covid-19, a globe pandemic due to its fast engulfing of the world.
The countries where the infection has reached have closed schools, colleges and universities to keep their citizens safe from dangerous viruses. They also block their main and populated cities and apply curfew. Saudi Arabia has stopped foreign pilgrims from entering the country.
It is clear that if Hajj pilgrim begins in July, the cases will be extremely high because millions of people come together from every corner of the world and it could be a grave threat.
Currently, Pakistan is also facing deadly Coronavirus. As per reports more than 1,762 people have been diagnosed in Pakistan and 20 have died. Although doctors and nurses are spending sleepless nights serving the patients tirelessly, cases are increasing steadily due to fewer allocation of budget on health and lacking medical equipment.
Our government is doing every possible thing to prevent from deadly Coronavirus but citizens are taking it lightly and spoiling every order from the government and forcing the government for a long time curfew. As a patriotic nation we should assist our government to get rid of the epidemic Coronavirus.
Sameer umrani
Malir Karachi


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