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Homeschooling: Perfect way to engage children during lockdown

ISLAMABAD: The trend of `home schooling’ that is gaining global popularity can help engage students in educational activities, transform their cognitive abilities through activity-based learning and save them from academic loss amid difficult conditions when schooling is not possible.

According to research, students learn more in an open and relax environment provided in-home as compared to the classroom.

Shagufta Mahmood, who is associated with the teaching profession from the last 20 years, said: “This is the best time for parents to spend quality time with their children as we have reduced our social and official engagements due to the lockdown”.

“Homeschooling can contribute a lot in cognitive nourishment of the children who can be engaged in a variety of indoor educational activities. Especially those who are beginners can be made familiar with sounds, alphabets and words through different available apps,” she said.

“Parents can fix some hours for the children starting their schooling to train them for the next stages of their educational life,” she suggested.

According to a motivational speaker and expert, Qasim Ali Shah, the education system of Finland, which requires a child to be seven years old for getting admission in school, is considered as the best system in the world.

Till the age of seven years, it is the family, including parents, grandparents and older siblings, who train children morally, educate them about a different aspect of life through storytelling and engage them in other healthy learning activities.

“During the prevailing lockdown, parents can take a leaf out of Finland’s book and teach their children in a similar manner,” Qasim Shah said.

He said although homeschooling has become a compulsion today, this should be considered as a permanent responsibility by parents.

Homeschooling builds confidence between parents and children, strengthen children emotionally, provides them learning experience in a safe healthy environment with no time restrictions, and reduces dependency on others.

Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences (IUCPSS) Education Expert and National Coordinator Murtaza Noor was of the view that effective and meaningful engagement of students is indeed the need of the hour.

He said it is also critical for both the government and educational institutions to devise effective strategies, in consultation with parents, aimed at the meaningful utilisation of free time. “We must save children from being mentally and physically affected by the current situation,” he concluded.