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Remembering Zulfi Bhutto

Apropos to 41st death Anniversary of Zulifkar Ali Bhutto, 4 April 1979 when Quad-E- Awam,s Life was decisively and irrevocably snuffed out of Him. He was the leader who introduced the common man into the political field of Pakistan and was the voice of the poor and Downtrodden masses of this country.
After the tragedy of “ Dakkah Debacle” a wrecked country was handed over to him. There were countless challenges in front of him which he had to surmount and he did. Zulfi is credited for launching Pakistan’s Nuclear Program despite international political pressure for stopping it as his zeal to make Pakistan a Nuclear country led him to the eventuality he faced.
He had a vision of Uniting Muslim Ummah in 1974 he along with other prominent Muslim leaders founded an organization of Islamic Countries which could have played instrumental role in the development of Muslim countries. The Constitution of 1973 which gave Pakistan an identity of Islamic Republic was also among his prime achievements.
His speeches over Kashmir issue and Fall of Dakkah in Security Council Speak Volumes about his deep understanding regarding the topics of International law and foreign policy. In 1964 he got the attention of the international community when he defined the word aggression.
His political opponents criticized him and are still criticizing him for his political failures but his achievements are sufficient enough to call him a great leader.
Kamran Khamiso Khowaja