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PTI leaders call for immediate delivery of ration to poor

KARACHI: Expressing concern over plights of the poor, especially daily wagers, Sindh Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders have demanded of the provincial government to ensure immediate delivery of ration to the poor.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi said that people of the province are worried about the situation as they are in the dark as to how long the lockdown would continue, which is adding to their stress of not knowing when ration would be supplied to their homes.

“The Sindh government has no answer to these questions even after the passage of 10 days. The provincial government has not held any meeting with us,” he complained.

Acknowledging that the steps taken to curb the virus’ spread by Sindh government are good, he said that they are only issuing orders but not implementing them.

Shamim also presented his opinion on financial matters, saying that some money was missing. “Millions were deducted from the salaries of employees. The government got donations as well. Rs10 million was spent on the Expo Center and almost Rs6 million were given to DCs. Where is the remaining money?” he asked.

“I appeal to the Sindh CM to make a public policy within the next two weeks as people are calling us on the phone and complaining about hunger,” the Sindh opposition leader said.

Shamim also warned that an increase in crime rate may be seen soon.

Further, PTI Vice President and Parliamentary Party Leader in the Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said that despite a health budget of Rs250 billion, tests of people are not being conducted.

” The Sindh CM is good in self-marketing but in reality,  people are dying from hunger. When would assistance be sent to people through Easy Paisa?” he asked.

He said that Sindh’s budget of Rs6 million for two million families means Rs19 per family per day and added that the prime minister had given a package of Rs1,200 billion for the whole country.

He also said that the federal government has given relief of Rs26billion to K-Electric but the Sindh government has not even paid its bills.

Like Firdous Shamim Naqvi, Haleem Adil also warned that hunger and chaos are more dangerous than the disease and that a civil war-like situation may break out in Sindh if hungry people riot in cities.