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Minister urges youth to focus on coronavirus awareness

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood on Sunday called upon the youth to play an active role in raising awareness about coronavirus and ask citizens to adopt precautionary measures.

Mehmood, in a media talk, called on the nation to adopt self-discipline and not to go for panic-buying. “With collective efforts, we would overcome the threats of the pandemic,” he said.

The minister said that youth have a great national responsibility to play their part and create awareness to eliminate misinformation and rumors. “The only way to survive is to observe preventive measures”, he added.

He appreciated the government’s efforts to increase testing capacity enable to facilitate everyone who develops symptoms of the coronavirus.

The minister further said the government has ensured that every coronavirus patient should go into quarantine and treated well, he said, adding, the incumbent government is taking corrective measures to deal with any situation.

“Coronavirus has emerged as an unprecedented global issue. We are hopeful that we would be able to find out some cure for this disease,” he added.

The minister said the educational institutions have to play a great role during such a crucial time.

“We should keep in mind that this is not a fatal disease and we can recover but precaution is better than cure,” he said.

It is high time for the students to spread awareness and educate the people to stay safe, he advised.

Our religion teaches us to take all precautionary measures in the wake of any pandemic. It is our social responsibility to stay safe and keep others safe too, he stressed.

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