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Inquiry against plastic bag wearing doctor withdrawn by KP govt

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government on Sunday announced that it was withdrawing an inquiry against the doctor who protested against the shortage of face masks by wearing a plastic bag over his head.

Taking to Twitter, KP Health Minister Taimur Jhagra said that he was taking back the inquiry against the doctors as it would “send the wrong message”.

“1 W.r.t. Dr. Amir of Swabi, who posted a video treating a patient dressed in plastic bags rather than PPE; I’m instructing Health Dept KP to withdraw the inquiry report calling for disciplinary action. At this point, our first priority is the moral of our doctors. However let me state categorically that I have no reason to disbelieve the local administration; their inquiry finds that the gentleman faked the consultation, which would be an extremely irresponsible act. Having talked to the Commissioner, DHO & MS, all are working hard,” he tweeted.

According to the inquiry, Dr Amir had confessed that he had recorded the video in which he wore the plastic bag deliberately as the hospital had turned down his request for transfer.

The report further said that 150 face masks and 300 gloves had been provided to the hospital on March 24.