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Effects of media

According to world health organization in the year of 2020, approximately 1.5million people will commit suicide. Suicide and social media have become relatively new phenomenon, it is influencing suicide-related behavior.  Social media is changing human behavior especially affecting teenagers. Suicide has been influenced by media .now a day’s peoples are mostly busy in their online world which cause mental and emotional issues leading them to depression .social media is promoting different kinds of pro-suicidal sites, message boards, chat rooms and forums. our youth has completely lose their self control they have become poppet of social media their minds are under control of media influencers their thinking power has finished, first media was in our control but now we are controlled by media .children’s are spending their time on social media and have no time for their family which is really serious issue. They feel happy in the fake world of the internet and cut off from the real life they start living in the world of fantasy which later on result mental health issues.

Parents should look after their children, it’s their responsibility to check their children’s activities on social media. They should be aware of everything about their children. They should tell their children that life is not a bed of roses, and take them out from the world of fantasy named as social media. I also request that the authorities should ban such sites which affect our behavior, mental health and ethics, otherwise the result will be really worse for our future.



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