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Bravo government!

Recently, an hideous virus namely COVID-19 has made days restless and night sleepless of people. People seem so frightened and streets have lost its affection and felicitations. Truly, many have lost their loved ones due the virus. Corona-virus emerges from Wuhan, and globally reached 195 countries, have affected more than 395,000 people, and more than 17,000 people have died due to the contiguous disease. Painfully, the virus did not reduce its skirmish and is disseminating exponentially day by day. Among the all vulnerable countries, one of them is Pakistan. Reportedly, 1,000 are the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan such as 413 cases in Sindh, Punjab 296, Baluchistan 115, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 78, Islamabad Capital Territory 16, and Gilgit-Baltistan 81. Besides, 7 people have been died. Now, both federal and provincial governments determined and have imposed the lockdown every corner of the country. In fact, lockdown will give birth to myriad problems predominantly for those who work on the daily basis to sustain the burden of their families. Plausibly, government of Pakistan is trying hard to reduce backlash of the virus. An incentive package was unveiled by the government for the people who are facing strenuous circumstances. The higher authority has allocated 200 bn for labour force, 150 to vulnerable families, price of petroleum products reduced by Rs15 per litre, and stipend for poor families increased from 2,000 to 3,000 rupees per month. There is no question that powerful elements of the country are doing commendable job to secure the people from unwelcome wrath. They have made ameliorate strategies in the right time and at the right place. It really seems good that all parties are cooperating each another and walk shoulder to shoulder and more importantly have become helping hand in this critical time. It is our first and foremost responsibility to cooperate with our government. We all should be appreciated drudgery efforts of government.

Naveed Abbas Maitlo



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