China vows to always stand by Pakistan at a WHO recommended safe distance of 3 feet  | Pakistan Today

China vows to always stand by Pakistan at a WHO recommended safe distance of 3 feet 

BEIJING – Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday the special friendship between Pakistan and China was choice of the history, which will continue to be strengthened by Beijing ‘always standing by’ Islamabad.

“We want to see a healthy Pakistan without any symptoms of COVID-19,” he said during a meeting with President Dr Arif Alvi here at the Great Hall of People.

“And for that China will always stand by Pakistan at a World Health Organisation recommended safe distance of three feet,” Xi said.

President Xi said no matter how international landscape might change, China would always stand firmly by Pakistan.

“But if it coughs or sneezes, spraying small liquid droplets, we don’t want to breathe in the droplets which could include the COVID-19. Hence, we will maintain the social-distancing, greet each other by waving or bowing, but the world must know that we stand by Pakistan,” he added.

President Xi said China backed Pakistan in stepping up its constructive role in regional and international affairs, which he maintained the world needs to acknowledge.

“The world should acknowledge that Pakistan is taking strong measures to avoid touching its eyes, nose and mouth. It is also covering its mouth and nose when it sneezes. We have seen the used tissues being dumped as well,” Xi added.

“Furthermore, it always seeks attention and aid whenever it has breathing difficulty. The regional and international authorities are always informed,” he maintained.

Signing off he meeting Xi echoed the sentiment that has traditionally bound the two countries in an inseparable bond.

“Pak-China friendship is deeper than ocean, higher than Himalaya, sweeter than honey, catchier than corona.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.