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CAA directs int’l travellers to provide virus test results upon arrival

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has made it compulsory for all international passengers arriving in the country to provide a copy of the test result for COVID-19.

According to a notification issued by the authority on Mar 17, all passengers will be required to provide a copy of the test results conducted 24 hours prior to boarding the flight. The measure will go into effect from Mar 21.

A day earlier, the government also resumed international flight operations at the airports, rescinding its earlier decision to temporarily suspend flight operation on all but three airports – Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad – to restrict the spread of coronavirus in the country.

PHOTO: Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

According to the notification, “It shall be the responsibility of the airline operators to ensure that no passengers are allowed to board an aircraft without the test results. The requirement will be in addition to the submission of a health declaration form.”

“The test results must include the name and passport number of the passenger,” the statement said. It added that the original test result shall be required “at the point of disembarkation in Pakistan”.

In addition to the following measures, the CAA also directed all airlines to disinfect their planes each time passengers board and disembark the aircraft, according to internationally recognised procedures.

Further, the notification said that international flight operations will resume at all international airports, except those in Gwadar and Turbat, from March 21 after “equipping the airports with the necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure proper screening of international passengers”.

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