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Govt to be run behind closed doors

RAWALPINDI – Pakistan’s rulers have decided that the remaining years of the incumbent government will see the government continue be run behind closed doors. The decision comes hours after Pakistan’s coronavirus count reached 21, with a majority of those cases being reported in Sindh.

With other events and developments in the country to also take place behind closed doors, with multiple other countries taking the similar corresponding decisions at their end as well, the rulers decided that it makes sense to continue to practice what was already being done behind closed doors.

“Of course, given that most other things are already taking place behind closed doors, it makes little sense to change what is already happening behind closed doors,” a member of the team of upper tier rulers told The Dependent.

The decision comes after National Assembly on Friday cut its session short by a week and prorogued proceedings due to concerns raised over coronavirus. The session saw concerns being raised by members with regards to parliamentarians who might already have contracted the virus.

“Given that such decisions are being made where actual decisions are not made, it further allows us to continue to go with the routine behind closed doors, where those decisions actually are made,” the upper tier ruler maintained.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.