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Relu katta meets two time World Cup winning captain

ISLAMABAD – A relu katta on Wednesday met the two time World Cup winning captain in what was a much publicised meeting. The meetup amidst the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) gathered further importance given that it saw the only captain in the history of cricket to win the World T20 twice meet with the man who many describe as a political relu katta.

Relu katta, in local parlance, literally means the blindfolded calf that does not exercise its own will and wanders in accordance with the given instructions. The term is also used to describe bit-part players in the sport of cricket, especially those all-rounders that do not stand out with the ball or bat, and aren’t specialists in any of the fields.

The term relu katta was made controversial in realms of both cricket and politics in 2017, when the leader of an opposition party had used it to describe World Cup winning cricketers, who played a crucial part in the local franchise from Peshawar winning one of the most coveted T20 franchise leagues in the world, the final of which was being played in Pakistan for the very first time that year.

Many of those cricketers have since returned annually to Pakistan, enjoying more success individually, with their team, and the whole PSL as well. The two time World Cup winning captain has since been given Pakistani citizenship, in turn making him the most successful Pakistani in terms of captaining World Cup triumphs.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.