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World must stop Modi govt from Muslim pogrom: PM

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday said the world community must accept the brutal reality of the Modi fascist and racist regime and stop it from the ongoing pogrom of Muslims in New Delhi.

“Images coming out of Muslim homes & businesses being burnt, Muslims being beaten & killed, mosques & graveyards being burnt & desecrated are similar to Jews fleeing the pogrom in Nazi Germany,” he remarked in a tweet.

He also shared a video clip of a Cambridge University Lecturer Priya Gopal, who likens attack on Muslims, their mosques, homes and businesses in New Delhi to the pogrom of Jews carried out by the Nazis, especially in 1938 – the Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) when Nazis attacked Jews, their synagogues, homes and businesses.

“As I have stating repeatedly, Modi’s Hindu Supremacist agenda is akin to the Nazi pogrom of Jews in the 1930s while the major powers appeased Hitler. Modi conducted pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat as CM & now we are seeing the same in New Delhi,” the prime minister remarked.

Speaking to Democracy Now, an independent, global weekday news hour anchored by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman, Priya Gopal said, “We are witnessing a situation of very deep structural violence. There is a majoritarian supremacist party in power in India. And mobs, directly incited by senior Indian politicians, are roaming around in Muslim-majority areas, identifying Muslim shops, businesses, homes, setting them on fire, identifying Muslims, beating them up. There is some pushback, certainly, as you might expect, but this is not a situation of equality. And I’ve said that any press outfit which refers to this as “clashes,” clashes between Hindus and Muslims, or even as kind of riots, is actually culpable of a dereliction of duty, and certainly of critical analysis.”

She said the parallels with 1930s Germany were extremely clear as what had taken place in Delhi in the last couple of days was comparable to the Reichskristallnacht, when Jewish businesses were attacked and set on fire.

“And I think that the world really needs to wake up to the gravity of the situation in India, because we are in a situation not unlike what was happening in Germany in the 1930s, in its 21st century variation. But I think that to just play this out as conflicts and clashes and religious fights, I think, is deeply irresponsible,” she remarked.

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