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Rarity of water supply

I write to express my concern regarding helpless thinking you might assist me in waking up the sleeping municipal corporation authorities! Our locality has been facing severe scarcity of water. The problem is quite complex. Our area has not been receiving normal water supply for many months. It is owing to the ever increasing pressure of new colonies mushrooming in the outskirts. The water supply is being given to these new colonies by attaching them to a few water supply facilities. Seems a pity! fundamental amenities become scarce or then have been using it for their own purposes. Hence, as a result the water does not come in taps.

We requested the Municipal Commissioner to provide a new water facility in our locality but to no avail. The municipal authorities have a quite apathetic attitude towards providing public amenities to people.

Through the column of your reputed daily i wish to draw the attention of the concerned Ministry and local authorities the severity of our plight. I also appeal to people to use water sagaciously.

Misbah Javaid