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Corona fever 

Globally, more than 80,000 people in  nearly 50 countries have been infected.Nearly 2,800 have died in  the worldwide.The overall countries have closed their schools, colleges,universities to keep them safe from the most dangerous virus as well as all countries’ economies are going down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Painfully,Saudi Arabia is stopping foreign pilgrims from entering the country.

It is well clear if the Hajj pilgrimage begins in July or will be effected and Australia is extending a ban on foreign visitors from mainland in China.

Furthermore, our country Pakistan has also been affected so for two causes founded  in Pakistan one from Karachi and second in Islamabad actually a huge number of illegal roads exist for traveling to Iran. Many people have  been exporting and importing oil from those roads, therefore this reveals in all Pakistan.

Finally, it is a  humble request to the Government of Pakistan to take serious actions to illegal roads of Iran.

Inayat Barkat