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‘#BhaeeHaazirHai’, Ali Zafar texts Harvey Weinstein

LAHORE/NEW YORK – After producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two sex crimes charges, he has received much needed moral – albeit under the table – support from many around the world. Among the most vocal, albeit not as directly, has been Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar who is leading an entire campaign to spread awareness about the plight of the victims of a popular hashtag, by creating another hashtag which he believes will end up being even more far reaching.

Sources close to Weinstein have informed The Dependent that he received a text from Zafar on Monday, which read ‘#BhaeeHaazirHai’. Coincidentally this is also the hashtag that Zafar is using to promote his upcoming unauthorised track for the Pakistan Super League.

The campaign which poses to have emerged organically came after a prominent media house decided to organise a poll for Zafar to sing an anthem for the PSL, and followed influencers apologising to Zafar for allegations against him which still haven’t been disproven in court.

The Dependent has further learnt that in addition to the hashtag #BhaeeHaazirHai providing support to voiceless victims like Weinstein, and creating an anthem for the cricket league, it would also provide the slogan for the upcoming Mard March 2020.

“If you note, the phrase ‘Bhaee Haazir Hai’, has a truly masculine ring to it, something our society lacks, and something we want to promote, while promoting victims around the world,” an organiser of the Mard March 2020, a close aide of Zafar, said while talking anonymously to The Dependent, citing the stigma that is attached with publically coming out as a meninist in the current world.

“’Bhaee Hazir Hai’ will also be an anthem that Ali Zafar would sing exclusively for the Mard March this year,” the organiser confirmed.

When asked why Bhaee was spelt with a double E and not the more common I, as in ‘Bhai’, the organiser said the Gmail address given in the campaign necessitated that. “Yes, [email protected] was taken so we had to go with the bhaee id, where you can send dance moves and evidence of masculinity for the song’s video.”

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.