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Ramzan to begin from April 25, says Fawad

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Thursday said Ramzan moon would be sighted countrywide on April 24.

“Ramzan moon will be sighted on April 24, with the Ramzan to start from April 25,” Chaudhry said in a post on Twitter.

The federal minister further said a briefing would be given to the parliamentary committee on religious affairs on March 5 on the matter. “Eid and other religious festivals should be a reason for joy and happiness, not divisions,” he added.

Last year in May, Chaudhry announced Pakistan’s first-ever moon-sighting website. This was followed by the launch of the country’s first-ever moon-sighting app to share real-time information about the moon.

Named the “The Ruet”, the app combines the Islamic Hijri calendar with modern technology to learn about the beginning of the new Islamic month with a single tap. The app also displays various moon phases, the current age of the moon and other time information according to the Islamic calendar.

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