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Success is not about good grades

I am a student of Sir Syed University. This letter is addressed to all parents. Everyone is creative in their own way but 75% of the students ignore their creativity in childhood due to high pressure to get good grades. Another thing stifling them is wishes of the parents who force their children to be what the parents want, having no concern for their child’s interests. Nowadays students do not actually learn to achieve knowledge, they only learn to get a good CGPA. Most of the students come to the institute just for attendance, because it carries some marks. Even students with good grades are not creative most of the time. They just manage to get good marks because their focus is not to gain knowledge but to get good marks. Why most students’ first priority is getting high percentages may be because they are forced by their parents or guardians. Stressed students attempt suicide because they have no choice. I request all parents to please don’t force their children and be kind to them. Thomson Edison said “A piece of paper cannot decide my future.”

Waqas Akber