‘Modi avoided rally in New Delhi because of protests’ - Pakistan Today

‘Modi avoided rally in New Delhi because of protests’

Renowned foreign policy analyst Ahmed Rashid on Monday said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi avoided holding a public gathering in New Delhi during United States President Donald Trump’s visit because of the mass protests against the controversial citizenship law.

He said this while speaking to the veteran journalist, senior analyst and Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami on Channel 92’s programme ‘Ho Kya Raha Hai?’.

Rashid said that Modi wanted to bring in 1 million people for the US president’s public appearance in India but he could barely gather 0.1 million. He added that people started leaving the stadium in Ahmadabad during Trump’s speech, a gesture that speaks of the declining popularity of the Indian premier.

He also said that there is a perception that the US president wants to elevate India against China as part of a regional strategy.

He further said that during his India visit, Trump would avoid passing any controversial comments which could possibly annoy Pakistan.

Speaking about peace in Afghanistan, he said that Pakistan is playing an important role in the Afghan peace process.

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