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PMS officers protest hegemony of federal officials

–PMS/PCS officers allege federal PAS officers have encroached 715 posts against allotted number of 47

–Federal PAS officers free of accountability on provincial level, making political government weak to implement policies

LAHORE: As many as 1000 Provincial Management Services (PMS)/Provincial Civil Services (PCS) officers across Punjab requested the chief minister (CM) to resolve the conflict between federal PAS officers and provincial PAS officers through a written application on Monday.

In this regard, the association of PMS/PCS officers also wrote about the existing illegal arrangement in the province of Punjab. “However, presently, establishment division is not only applying the federal rules but also placing officers on almost all important slots in the provinces making provincial government & assembly weak in their own sphere of governance. PAS are federal officers and their terms & conditions of service are determined by the Establishment Division, therefore, they do not fall under the direct control of provincial chief minister, Cabinet or Assembly, unlike PMS officers who are answerable to the aforementioned being provincial civil services,” the letter read.

The letter further states, “Performance of federal PAS officers cannot be evaluated by the provincial government. Provincial administrative law is not applied to federal PAS officers. Chief Executive of the province, chief minister, cabinet or Punjab Assembly, cannot initiate the proceedings against federal PAS officers or hold them accountable for their performance. Punjab government can only send them back to the Establishment Division. Federal PAS officers are holding almost all the slots of chief secretary, secretaries, deputy commissioners and others”.

The letter goes on to state, “It is a great contradiction that policies are formulated by the provincial government & executed by federal PAS officers and provincial government cannot hold them accountable. Their financial & administrative assignments are not accountable to provincial administrative law. The performance evaluation vacuum makes the political government weak to implement the policies. Even if, impugned Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP) rules are applied, their number of allotted posts is 47 but they have encroached 715 posts. Presently, their numbers are 301 against their allotted number of 47. It’s a humble request that PAS officers should be restricted to their allotted number of 47 and the legality of those numbers under CSP, rules are determined by provincial cabinet & assembly”.

They also requested through a letter that law and constitution be applied on civil services and PAS vs PM5 issue be resolved in line with the law and in the first phase PAS officers may be restricted to their 47 posts.

“Federal task force on civil service reforms is encroaching upon provincial posts against lawful authority and this proposition may be taken up with the federal government to ensure law and constitution. PMS officers may be allowed to present their case to the exalted chief minister and provincial cabinet please as implementers ore most important organ of good governance and their structural quality determines the quality of political governance,” the letter concluded.

Punjab PMS Association President Tariq Mehmood Awan while speaking to Pakistan Today said, “We have requested the CM to resolve our issue and government. Now our issue can be resolved through the political executives and legislative and we will go to court if both these offices will not resolve our issue.”