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CITY NOTES: Continuing despite climate change

The reports of a plague of locusts in Africa made me think of the locusts in Punjab and Sindh. Is something happening to the climate? They say the African locusts got to work because of the greater availability of moisture because of climate change. Hmmm. We had another import from East Africa, dengue. Now do not tell me that it is not moisture-related.

Of course, as the US president has told us, climate change is basically a Chinese conspiracy to stop America from being great again. Like the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, which was probably a Chinese attempt to make the world economy collapse, which is in turn meant to make the US economy stutter, which will hurt Trump in this election year. That no American has died so far does not mean anything. So Trump will have to do more to get his pals off.

One pal who he has to face is Michael Bloomberg, he is a billionaire who was the mayor of New York in his last foray into politics. Trump does not have anything on him, though he would probably like to. Bloomberg is running a strange campaign for the Democratic nomination, missing the Iowa and Nevada caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, going straight into Super Tuesday, when several states hold primaries. Bloomberg has already spent $350 million on advertising, which is more than anybody.

The Democratic frontrunner is Bernie Sanders, and though he is the Senator from Vermont, he is a New Yorker who moved there. Trump is not the best of advertisements for New Yorkers, actually, for he is neither a Jew, like Blumberg or Sanders, nor an Italian, like his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Perhaps it is the New York influence which makes him so inclined to make people offers they cannot refuse.

Sanders won in Iowa and New Hampshire before Nevada, which makes him the frontrunner, with only Bloomberg to challenge. Look, with Trump set to lose to whichever person the Democrats put up, so long as he can walk, rich people need the Democrats to nominate somebody who does not call himself a democratic socialist. Another billionaire who will protect all of those tax breaks Trump enacted.

Of course, Bloomberg has got a couple of skeletons in the cupboard. There are all the #Metoo complaints at the Bloomberg Group, including many against Bloomberg personally. Such complaints did not stop Trump winning, did it? And then there is the racism Bloomberg as Mayor of New York presided over the ‘stop and frisk’ policy, which let the cops stop and frisk anybody they thought was a suspect. Invariably, it seemed, they always suspected blacks. Trump thinks white supremacists are good people. So if it is Tump versus Blumberg in November, the US will have a racist president.

Whoever is elected, will probably take steps to encourage events like the Hanau shooting in Germany, at a shisha bar, which left 10 dead. Well, not encourage, but maybe turn a blind eye to. Maybe he’ll be tough on trade with China, making it take more soybeans. Hopefully, not like the soybeans at Kemari, whose fumes killed 14 people. One suspect is not the soybeans themselves, but a pesticide used on them.

Of course, the prime minister was busy working out who to make attorney general after Anwar Mansoor resigned. He said something about the members of the bench hearing the Justice Qazi Faez Isa case, and almost got slapped with contempt. The law minister was in court, as was the PM’s special assistant on accountability. Were they there just for fun or were they there as solicitors, watching how the barrister pleaded the case. The government says it did not ask him to resign, but he was not pleading very well.

Anwar Masood does have a history of resigning. He resigned his commission from the army and went into the law. He resigned as a Sindh High Court (SHC) judge, as attorney general, and now again as attorney general. He will go back to private practice, though I am not sure I would engage him.

It is as risky as Fawad Chaudhry’s asking the National Assembly (NA) speaker about Shahbaz Sharif. Chaudhry is supposed to have done so after failing to detect Shahbaz through his moonsighting app. “Tussieid da chanbangai” is the usual phrase — “you have ve quite become the Eid moon”. I am sure that his Science and Technology Ministry has got numerous other detectors, all of which failed to find Shahbaz.