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AG Khan seeks autonomy from Law Ministry

ISLAMABAD: Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Khalid Javed Khan, who was recently appointed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, wrote a letter to the premier on Monday and sought autonomy for his office from the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice.

Moreover, he wrote a letter to the ministry and sought clarification from Law Minister Dr Farogh Naseem over the new appointments of law officers. Citing a local newspaper’s report over the matter, he wrote, “You would recall that during our meeting earlier today you had clarified that no such action is in the offing and therefore no law officers are being terminated/appointed.”

“We had agreed further that we shall be working within the prescribed constitutional limits of our respective office and that no appointments, transfers or other matters relating to the law officers would be taken by the law and justice division without the prior consent of the attorney general of Pakistan,” he added.

Noting that the news story had “unnecessarily created confusion regarding the relationship between the law and justice division and the office of the AGP”, Khan requested Naseem to issue an “appropriate formal clarification”.

“Looking forward to a good working relationship between the law and justice division and the officer of the attorney general within our respective domains,” he emphasised.

The AGP also conveyed to the Law Ministry that his office would proceed with international litigation and would not allow any interference from the ministry.

Khan’s professional career spans over two decades. He enrolled as a high court advocate in 1991 and became an advocate of the Supreme Court in 2004. His father, Prof ND Khan, has remained associated with the PPP for a long time.

Khan has served as a legal adviser to the AGP, and in this capacity, advised Benazir Bhutto on legal matters during her second tenure (1993-1996) as the prime minister. He obtained a law degree from the London University, a BCL Bachelor of Civil Law) degree from Oxford University and LLM from Harvard University. He completed his bar-at-law from Lincoln’s Inn.