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Veteran playboy still using same pickup lines on everyone

ISLAMABAD – World renowned playboy, who has global following and outreach, continues to use the age old tactic of using the same pickup line on anyone and everyone he’s trying to woo, sources close to the veteran player have told The Dependent.

Those within the entourage of the playboy, who continues to enjoy international fame and according to his lovers still has the rock star appeal, say that he has always been a firm believer in not fixing what is not broke.

The playboy’s aides confirm that he has had a major success rate over the years and decades in wooing his targets by using the same lines on everyone.

“Often those targets would be wooed by the same pickup lines during the same period of time. Sometimes those targets would be in the same room while simultaneously being wooed,” confirmed a member of the entourage while talking to The Dependent.

The aides further confirm that while the habit of using the same pickup lines has tended to work throughout the many careers of the playboy, it is actually his raw appeal that has meant that he has never had to give those lines much thought.

“Or anything else for that matter. He’s never given anything much thought, because he always believes he’ll get whatever he wants just through his pretty existence,” said another aide.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.