‘Last year’s Airforce jets were also unofficial,’ claims Indian government - Pakistan Today

‘Last year’s Airforce jets were also unofficial,’ claims Indian government

BALAKOT/NEW DELHI – The group of Airforce jets, including a captured wing commander, have belatedly created controversy after participating in an aerial dogfight with Pakistan in February 2019. The participation came without any official permission or clearance by the Indian government, officials in New Delhi claimed on Thursday.

A year after the aerial combat took place, India has now denied sending any jets to Pakistan, with the Indian Air Force (IAF) too washing its hands off the row by saying that it had not sent any aircraft or pilots across the border to take on the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

“No one gave any permission to any pilot or jet to go to Pakistan. Issuance of giving visa is the sovereign prerogative of a country, we have no role in granting visa, which we assume would have been given to those who participated in the aerial dogfight across the border. We’ll talk to the IAF on whether it was an informed visit or not,” Indian Home Minister Amit Shah said in an official statement.

The controversy has surfaced 12 months after Pakistan got the better off India in terms of capturing pilots, downing jets, and fulfilling strategic goals.

However, the Indian government is adamant that even though the participants in last year’s contest weren’t official, the triumph still belonged to them given the results of the 2019 General Election in India.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.