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HIV/AIDS in Larkana

The staggering surge in HIV/AIDS cases has not abated as yet in Ratodero, Larkana. Within three months, 33 lives have been lost. 997 were tested as HIV positive when thousands of people were screened recently. Not only is the government’s preparedness poor, but it is also insufficient and insignificant. The patients are now at the mercy of circumstances.

Nearly, 1 204 drug addicts, 1 130 transgender, 1 612 sex workers, and the re-use of syringes are behind the outbreak of this deadly virus in the affected area. Overall, around 95,000 individuals are said to be spreading the virus in Sindh, and there are 10,000 HIV/AIDS patients in the whole province.At last, what else does the Sindh Government want to transpire that could awake it from its hibernation to act, and avoid cosmetic measures and perfunctory planning to face this full-blown fatal disease?

Riaz Ahmed Soomro