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PUBG addiction

The generation is trapped in the trap of mobile games. It has been observed that teenagers are giving much more ratings to playing games on their mobile phone as compared to outdoor/indoor games. Also, makers are developing such games like PUBG which is highly addictive and dangerous as well. PUBG’s addictive person might get easily stressed out or face anxiety issues in public due to less social interaction. Playing this game for too long can mess up your brain as you tend to stay alone. You might have started suffering loneliness and depression. It has negative impacts psychologically and socially. It is time consuming and it maintains distance from studies. It prefers the gamers to live isolated life. This attracts towards laziness and causes health injurious even death too. It promotes real-life threats and violence as the game involves human killing and existing real name weapons which increases aggression and opportunity to encourage violence. PUBG tends to be a person lacking interest in everything. That PUBG does preach violence like the killing of human beings and life-like weapons are involved. Thus it is highly un-recommended even if wisely managed and prioritized it may prove to be fatal for its players. The game is indeed addictive. And due to it being available on mobile phones it is very easily accessible and people are more vulnerable towards its addiction.
Misbah Javed