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Planning ahead – PSL 2020 schedule for Lahore

The fifth edition of Pakistan Super League kicked off yesterday in Karachi. Considering the recent international series played in Lahore last month, traffic can become quite a nightmare, especially in the vicinity of Gaddafi stadium where all the matches will be played.

Thankfully all matches but one will start at 7PM meaning collecting your kids from school for parents will not be affected. Yet, around 14 fixtures are scheduled to be played in Lahore. Below is a condensed list of matches scheduled to be played in Lahore so that businesses, residents and commuters in the area are able to plan ahead.

Remember, this is the first time all PSL matches are being played at home and strict security measures are crucial to making the annual tournament a success. Therefore, everyone should cooperate with police and traffic teams deployed in the city; they are simply following orders.